Shivani Jain

Get the answers you need with the expert guidance of an Astrologer and Numerologist Shivani Jain. With a variety of services, including

  • Telephonic and face-to-face consultations,
  • Online astrology and numerology readings,

Shivani Jain’s goal is to guide and support you, by providing counseling and integrating self-awareness and self-knowledge to lead better lives.

We help you navigate the twists and turns of life through the following

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Foretelling the future through astrology

Horoscope Consultation

Follow Up Horoscope Consultation

Birth Time Rectification Service

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Find Your Soulmate

Foretelling the future through astrology

Horary Chart Consultation

Numerology Report


General Life Report

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Yearly Report

Book your appointment today, and unlock the secrets of your future with a comprehensive horoscope consultation!

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