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“One way to explore numerology is by using Predictive numerology through an online numerology reading, which uses a person’s birth date and name to calculate various numerological numbers and provide an interpretation of their meanings.”

Shivani Jain is an expert in giving numerology predictions using the Predictive numerology method. She does the amalgamation of Predictive Vedic Numerology and Predictive Nadi astrology in order to give accurate predictions to her clients. Her sixth sense and strong intuition power aid in predicting the future events with 100% accuracy. In addition to it, she practices Name Numerology too but she prefers and suggests numerology remedies before opting to change or modify ones’ name.


Shivani Jain uses Predictive numerology to reveal a person’s career, relationships, and overall life path. For example, the Life Path number, which is calculated using a person’s birth date, is said to indicate the person’s overall path in life and the lessons they will learn along the way. The Expression number, which is calculated using a person’s name, is said to reveal the person’s innate talents and abilities, as well as their potential for success in certain areas.

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Another aspect of her numerology predictions is the use of specific numbers to make predictions or gain insight. For example, the number 11 is considered a master number in numerology and is said to indicate a spiritual path or heightened spiritual gifts and insight. The number 22 is also considered a master number and is said to indicate a person who is highly practical and able to turn their ideas into reality. The number 33 is considered a Master Teacher, with a high level of spiritual understanding and the ability to bring spiritual concepts to the masses. But the techniques she uses while giving the predictions through Numerology are mind-blowing. She prefers using Vedic Grid to predict the events rather than relying on Loshu Grid as other numerologists generally use to do the predictions.


Shivani Jain is a renowned numerologist who has studied Predictive Numerology and uses it to help others gain insight into themselves and their lives. She has years of experience and is an expert at analysing a person’s name and birth date, to calculate numerological numbers and interpret their meanings. Studying the letters and digits that are associated with a person, she provides insight into a person’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, and potential for success in various areas of life. In addition, she uses these numbers to make predictions about a person’s future, such as career paths or relationships to make their lives better. To add more, she provides online numerology report service at just one click through her website for the convenience of her clients across the globe.

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Online numerology readings with Shivani Jain are detailed yet comprehensive numerology reports. Her Predictive numerology ability aims to predict the future with the use of a Vedic numerology grid covering all the aspects of one’s life including health, career, profession, marriage, love life, travel, court case, divorce, childbirth, etc is based on the idea that a person’s numerological numbers can influence their lives that may affect their future.

In summary, numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers and the belief that they can influence human life. Hence, a service like Online numerology readings using the Predictive numerology method is the most demanded numerology report apart from Vedic horoscope reading by her clients.

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