Shivani Jain

Birth Time Rectification Consultation

Astrologer Shivani Jain specializes in providing birth time rectification consultations based on astrology to clients worldwide. We understand the critical importance of having an accurate birth time for precise astrological analysis and predictions. Astrologer Shivani Jain offers her expertise to help you determine the most accurate birth time, unlocking the full potential of your astrological chart.

What to Expect from Relationship Counseling

During our counseling sessions, we will focus on the following areas to support your relationship growth

Comprehensive Analysis

Astrologer Shivani Jain will conduct a detailed analysis of your life events, significant milestones, and key experiences to assess the accuracy of your recorded birth time. By examining the alignment of planetary influences with your life events, we can identify potential inconsistencies and discrepancies.

Data Assessment

We will work closely with you to gather additional information about your birth, such as important events, personal memories, family anecdotes, and any available documents related to your birth time. This collaborative process helps us gather crucial data to refine and rectify your birth time.

Astrological Techniques

Using specialized astrological techniques and calculations, we will compare and evaluate different potential birth times to determine the most accurate one. We will consider planetary positions, transits, and other relevant factors to fine-tune the birth time and align it with your life experiences.

Birth Chart Adjustment

Once we have determined the rectified birth time, we will adjust your birth chart accordingly. This updated birth chart will serve as the foundation for accurate astrological analysis, predictions, and guidance in various aspects of your life.

Book Your Birth Time Rectification Consultation

Discover the true alignment of your birth time and unlock the full potential of your astrological chart through our Birth Time Rectification Consultation services. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and harness the invaluable insights astrology can provide.

Contact us today to schedule your Birth Time Rectification Consultation and embark on a journey of accurate astrological analysis and predictions. Let us help you unravel the mysteries of your birth time and align with the cosmic energies that shape your life.

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